1. Road to Combes

2. School Building

3. Outdoor Pool

4. Boarding House

5. Outdoor Sports Facilities

6. Road to St. Nicolas Town



Learning Spaces

Innovation in learning spaces is one of the constants at the SEK Educational Group.

Flexible learning spaces on campus make it possible for students and teachers to work as teams and include all necessary resources.

SEK-Les Alpes covers an area of 15,000 m2 divided into open air sports facilities and two separate buildings.



Classrooms, Boarding and Sports

The first building, ‘Le Chalet’, includes: flexible classrooms, library, laboratory and boarding dormitories.

The second building, ‘La Ferme’ includes: living rooms, students club, gymnasium, dining room, kitchen and residence.

The open-air facilities include: sports court, swimming pool, extensive green zones.

Technology is integrated into the educational system. The use of digital equipment and platforms extends each student’s learning opportunities limitlessly.