It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to SEK-Les Alpes.

There are stages in our children’s development that are crucial for harmonious growth, both in terms of their personality and intellectual development. We are aware of what families expect and value in their children’s education, and also of the need for educational proposals in a world of rapid changes that require clearly differentiated educational responses.

Therefore, at SEK Les Alpes International School we follow a strategic educational planning model for our students that meets their needs and fosters the development of skills for the future. We anticipate the differences in students’ aptitudes, interests and learning characteristics, which allows us to build a foundation for the all-round development of both capacity and talent as well as the scientific, technological and socio-emotional skills necessary for their future.

In the privileged setting offered by SEK-Les Alpes, nature and coexistence come together and contextualize our students’ learning in a different way. We are a school that promotes the principles of excellence in a Sustainable and Healthy School model, responding to one of the most important challenges of society, making our classrooms an environment where children can learn survival, and we have a laboratory where we can discover new ways to protect ourselves and the planet, in which each one of the members of our learning community are active agents.

In this context, the numerous sports and physical development activities that take place during the school year endorse us as an International Alpine Ski School, and as part of the SEK International Sports Academy we offer high-performance student athletes an academic program of excellence.

Our goal is for the experience of living together at SEK-Les Alpes to be unique, moulding and enhancing the intellectual, emotional and social capacities of our students so that, wherever they are and whichever their circumstances, they are prepared to achieve their best in life.

On behalf of the team of professionals at SEK-Les Alpes, I invite you to find out more about our educational program, which will surely help us to achieve the best comprehensive education for your children.

For our students:

We have developed a comprehensive educational program that will help you grow as a person and develop attitudes and skills that will serve you at any time in your life.

We ensure you learn while enjoying a unique environment with multiple sports activities.

We develop your leadership capacity to build a fairer, more supportive and sustainable world.

Lula Martínez Pérez

Head of School