Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year

We are grateful to parents for entrusting their children’s education to us. We are extremely happy to be starting a stage of school and thank you in advance for your collaboration. We include for you an information kit that we believe will be of interest.

School dates

Start of the 2023-2024 school year: 7 September 2023, first day of school for all students.

Open Day: 27 October 2023.

Christmas break: From 22 December 2023 to 9 January 2024, both inclusive.

Open Day: 23 February 2024.

Easter break: From 22 march to 1 April 2024, both inclusive.

Last day of school: 20 June 2024.

Students return to their schools in Spain once they finish their stay at SEK-Les Alpes.

The dates will be confirmed by the School Secretary, since they may change due to airline adjustments.

The school should be notified of any visits in order to organise interviews with tutors.

Families are asked to consider these instructions in order to respect the pace of work of students and thus be able to ensure the normal functioning of the school.

The school discourages students from travelling to Spain. We ask families who, despite our recommendations, decide that their child will travel to Spain, to adjust in as far as is possible to the dates indicated by tutors.

Students will be transferred to and from school and the airport in a taxi service previously vetted by the school, these transfers will be charged to student’s family account. Visiting students each term is not mandatory.