Personal experience

At SEK-Les Alpes boarders are responsible, fair and engaged with others.

During their stay they learn the value of personal effort, teamwork, cooperation, perseverance, order, the intelligent use of electronic devices and resilience to setbacks.

The SEK Les-Alpes experience places particular emphasis on sports. Located near Megève, one of France’s premium skiing destinations, SEK-Les Alpes is focused on providing the best experiential education. In addition to skiing, during the academic year students do multiple outdoor and adventure activities and sports that allow them to enjoy a unique environment while they learn and develop their self-esteem, resilience and autonomy: orienteering, mountaineering, hiking, gorge walking.

Academic experience

Students are the axis on which the design of the curricular program, coexistence and all co-curricular activities pivot. SEK-Les Alpes is designed to cater to a limited number of students to ensure tailored personal attention and support during their stay at the school. As at any SEK Education Group international school, SEK-Les Alpes follows our Future Learning Model, which fosters personal and flexible learning focused on the acquisition of knowledge through experience and the development of skills.

In this unique enclave, we promote care for the environment to make it part of their lifestyle. Students thereby embrace their contribution to the challenges posed by climate change and becomes familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Understanding and addressing the sustainable and environmental problems will not only help them make the world more sustainable and liveable, but it will also prepare them for their professional future, where sustainability is already one of the priority issues for companies, institutions and organisations around the world.

Outdoor learning spaces. In this environment, “learning by doing” becomes experiential learning. The physical resources available (laboratory, facilities…) complement the biological richness of the location, which invites observation and the application of theoretical concepts.

SEK-Les Alpes Offers Year 2 and 3 of Secondary School (ESO) in three languages (French, English and Spanish).

Four options are offered:

  • Campus SEK (Stays of two months, only for SEK students)
  • Full term (September-December, January-March, April-June)
  • Half year (January to June)
  • Full school year.

The differentiating elements of SEK-Les Alpes academic program are:


Learning English and French is structured by levels. Levels are set using the 2012 European Common Language Reference Framework 2012 and the 2011 Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century.

Students can join our school with or without previous knowledge of French. In the case of English, the student must be at least level B1 (PET- Preliminary English Test) although we recommend that they be B2 (FIRST-First Certificate in English) since a high percentage of the subjects are taught in that language.


Organised around eight subject groups. Some of these subjects are worked on in a blended mode that offers the student the possibility of accessing other teachers through digital devices and multiple online materials.

The teaching and learning process is managed independently of time and geographic location.


Educational rigour is manifested in a demanding program that extends beyond the school day and in an improvement-oriented assessment model. Students perform academically since the model adapts to their learning pace and style.

We offer students a balanced education, which is carried out within the framework of attention to the physical, social, emotional, ethical and aesthetic development of each student through the activities of the SEK Campus.

International experience

SEK Les Alpes International School is located in the heart of Europe, in the town of Flumet-St. Nicolas la Chapelle, in the French Savoy, near Albertville and Megève, at an altitude of one thousand metres.

Its unique location, nestled in the heart of Europe, in the French Alps, and with Switzerland and Italy less than seventy and forty kilometres away respectively, in addition to the school’s international character, help students to appreciate and enjoy cultural diversity, broadening their horizons and forging lifelong friendships from around the world.

It is also a unique opportunity to consolidate English language learning and learn a third language. In addition, during the stay, visits are made to various European cities in France, Switzerland and Italy, students appreciate the similarities and differences of different cultures, as well as their different expressions: arts, music, theatre, dance.


Saint Nicolas La Chapelle Val d’Arly, Flumet 73590 France

Longitude W 06º 30’ 08’’ Latitude N 45º 48’ 44’’’

General timetable

The timetable is flexible and adapts to each of the seasons of the year to make the most of the learning opportunities that the environment offers.

SEK-Les Alpes curricular enrichment activities

SEK-Les Alpes offers a different dimension to the teaching and learning process:

  • Consolidation of an international mindset
  • Importance of a balanced lifestyle while taking part in outdoor and adventure sports and activities
  • Developing 21st century skills.
  • The boarding experience
  • We ensure seamless continuation of their academic studies with their SEK schools of origin through personalised teaching monitoring.