The inauguration of the SEK International Sports Academy

Camilo Jose Cela University (UCJC) has been chosen as the location for the official presentation of the SEK International Sports Academy, an innovative SEK Educational Group programme for students with high sporting ability who want to combine their studies with practising sports at the very highest level, and which welcomes students from SEK Schools and the UCJC itself, and all those who want to combine their studies with elite sports.

The main objective of the initiative is to provide pupils with an all-round education both in the sports aspect and in the academic and personal aspects, thanks to Individualised High Performance Sports Programmes. To satisfy the needs and demands that this programme requires, the Camilo Jose Cela University makes use of the UCJC Sports Club, a sports complex covering more than 40,000m2 custom made at elite sports level for playing tennis, swimming, golf and horse-riding, disciplines that form part of the SEK International Sports Academy project, together with winter sports undertaken at their nerve centre at SEK Les Alpes School.

From the academic point of view, every pupil, as well as following their studies in the normal way, receives training in nutritional plans, mental training, coaching and physical training specifically tailored to each sporting discipline, in close collaboration with UCJC Health and Education faculties.

Other subjects, related to ethics and values in sport are also covered – with the support of the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sport – and the students are offered training in the use of new technology and technological developments in sport, thanks to an agreement reached with the Global Sports Innovation Center.

SEK International Sports Academy, the result of over 50 years worth of links with sport

Aitor Canibe, SEK Educational Group Sports Director, was chosen to present the SEK International Sports Academy to an invited audience from various national sports federations and organisations, such as the Spanish Sports Council. “The SEK Educational Group has a huge commitment to education and sport, which are the two fundamental pillars of today’s society”, declared Aitor Canibe during his presentation, which highlights “SEK’s support for the Olympic Movement and the values that it represents”.

Alfonso Jimenez, Director General of the Youth Sports Foundation, one of the invited speakers at the event, pointed out that “sport, in the SEK Educational Group, has been used as a tool for developing individuals”.

Nieves Segovia, President of the SEK Educational Group, closed the proceedings, and took the opportunity to remind attendees that “this project (SEK International Sports Academy) is the outcome of a tradition of more than 50 years standing of our Group and sports. We needed this project to substantiate and culminate this tradition”. Segovia also emphasised the academic and not just the sporting demands: “we will make the academic timetable more flexible in order to mix it with pupils’ sports practice, but we will not reduce it under any circumstances. We will demand the maximum from our pupils in education and in sport”. “Spain has an international sporting brand, but we also want to have an international academic brand”, added Nieves Segovia.

SEK Educational Group, which has a historical connection with sport and a firm commitment to its practice, was the first private educational institution in Spain to offer high performance sports schools. As a result of that background, which unites study and sport, it has twice been awarded the National Sports Prize, in 1988 and 2010. In addition, it allocates over 2 million Euros in grants to programs related to physical activity and sports.

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