Information and materials of interest related to COVID-19

As you are aware, the authorities have taken the extraordinary measure of suspending face-to-face teaching activity at all educational levels.

As you know, the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health have taken the extraordinary measure of suspending classroom teaching activity at all educational levels, at least until 26 March, date that is subject to review based on the  epidemiological assessment by public health authorities.

SEK Group, a pioneer in the implementation and use of technology, has the necessary means and infrastructure to guarantee the quality of the educational process of each of its students and ensure the continuity of our academic activity online.

We have a range of platforms, resources and tools that will help us to continue with active and personalised learning over all our educational stages. We have developed support protocols and each school is preparing to offer effective distance learning.

As is the case when rolling out any new project there needs to be a pilot and preparation stage. Over the course of these three days, schools are working hard on the necessary steps to ensure that distance learning works in the best possible way.

At this time of extraordinary contingency measures, it is important that we all, as members of the SEK community, support each other, and face this new challenge with flexibility and mutual trust.

Communication will be essential throughout this process, so we invite you to stay in touch with your child’s tutor or stage coordinator, who can answer your questions and offer information relevant to your child’s or children’s distance education process.



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Jaime Barrio Cortes, professor of the School of Education and Health and director of the Master’s Degree in School Health at University Camilo José Cela, explains what coronavirus is and what recommendations have been given by the Spanish health authorities: