Online debate about objectivity in journalism

At SEK Les Alpes we work on speaking skills in all curricular languages. Public speaking is the ability to expose and defend our ideas. One of the formats in which we work to make our students feel safe and confident is debate.

Despite being confined, we continue to focus on this essential skill. With this objective in mind, in Language and Literature lesson at SEK Les Alpes, we have made a video discussion forum with the Microsoft tool called Flipgrid in order to debate on objectivity in journalism.

The question was: Is objectivity possible and desirable in journalism? Every student opened a channel to express their opinion in a video of about a minute and, then, all students shared comments and asked questions about those videos through the comment section, where they also recorded themselves.

In this way, we created a safe and exciting environment to debate where all students could express and interact in an orderly and respectful way.