The French national ski team recommend some exercises to do during the confinement

Education in healthy lifestyle habits has always been one of the pillars of our education programme at SEK-Les Alpes. A very important part of this education in healthy lifestyle habits is maintaining a sports and exercise routine.

We are upholding our commitment during this period of confinement to offer alternatives to students so they can engage in physical exercise at home and stay motivated about an activity that was common in their lives before.

One of our teachers, Christine, publishes tables of exercises every week that are especially adapted to our students and their physical condition. They can be downloaded and followed from home with ease. When they logged in to the website last week to download their table of exercises, students found a very special surprise waiting for them. Two skiers from the French national ski team had made a video with the table of exercises just for them.

This was a huge source of motivation for them and gave them renewed strength and energy to enjoy their daily sports activity.