Positive Psychology in times of confinement.

Over the course of these months of confinement, we have designed a Positive Psychology workshop to offer support and psychology strategies to our students, which will help them through these times and for the rest of their lives.

For this workshop, a psychologist from the SEK Institution, Cristina Márquez from SEK Atlántico, offers strategies to our teenagers for dealing with this COVID-19 quarantine. How do we do that? We review the types of emotions and situations that might arise and we create a plan for dealing with them and emerging stronger psychologically.

The first workshops discussed Mental Health Protocols that were recommended for keeping ourselves active, including how to deal with the stress that this situation might cause, considering the importance of routines and maintaining social contact with friends and family, learning to organise ourselves with tasks while not surpassing screen time limits, and finding time to relax and have fun because a sense of humour is very important in overcoming adverse situations, thereby maintaining good mental health and feeling happier.

We looked more closely at frustration management techniques, how we can make the most of this time to develop our resilience. Resources were offered to students during these virtual meetings that include mindfulness and yoga exercises through tutorials made available for whenever they need them or to form part of their daily routine.

Another issue we are working on is the importance of building good communication with friends and family members to create a pleasant home environment, being assertive, empathetic and using this time to create stronger family ties.

Students are responding very well, showing an interest in discovering all these strategies and taking the opportunity to develop their resilience, self-control, enjoying the present with the hope of a future they will know how to face without losing hope and happiness.

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