Reflections of a teacher. From the smallest school to the largest virtual community

When this situation began and we sadly closed the doors to our beautiful Alpine school, never could we have imagined the huge professional opportunities we were going to find in this new virtual world. Besides starting to work with a different model that requires the use of new skills, we have been able to steadily incorporate all the experiences and ideas coming out of the various SEK schools. This was unthinkable to us just a few months ago.

SEK-Les Alpes has gone from being a school of practically one person per department to form an active part of the larger SEK community, and this has opened up a whole world of new possibilities to us.

We have access to all the training and resources provided by the ICT&LKT at the various centres. Our faculty is lucky enough to be able to participate in the weekly departmental meetings of SEK-El Castillo, enriching us with the experiences of other teachers in the same areas, as well as offering weekly support for the online classes of our counterparts at this school. We are also designing a project with SEK-Atlántico for MYP IV (3rd Year of Compulsory Secondary Education/ESO) in the field of mathematics that can greatly enrich the learning experience of our students. We have been included in all the health and wellness activities being organised for teachers by the SEK-Ciudalcampo school.

We are more connected than ever, sharing everything we know and we are learning to do while trying, on a daily basis, to offer the best versions of ourselves to our students, who are the real reason we are making such a significant effort.