SEK Schools activate health and safety protocols for the reopening of classrooms

SEK Education Group set up a SEK School Reopening Committee on 29 April, in response to the announcement by the Spanish authorities on a possible return to face-to-face teaching this academic year, with the aim of implementing the necessary protocols to ensure the health and safety of our school community. We are currently waiting for official information on the specific dates for reopening of schools, as well as the requirements for this. This depends on the phase each Autonomous Region is in.

The SEK School Reopening Committee – made up of medical services, teaching representatives and experts in safety – has created detailed protocols for each of the school environments and established routines at school to ensure the well-being, learning, health and safety of SEK students and teachers.

To draft these rules and action guidelines, we have taken into account indications from the Spanish (national and regional) authorities, as well as best practices from schools and organisations from other countries such as Denmark, Switzerland and China (where schools have already gone through the reopening process) with whom we have been working with in recent weeks, in order to learn from their experience. With particular thanks for their support to Copenhagen International School, the International School of Basel and Western Academy Beijing.

Please follow the link below to read the protocols for arrival and departure from  school, classroom arrangements, entering and exiting classrooms, health and safety guidelines, procedures for cleaning and hygiene for classrooms, meals and snacks, moving around the school, use of classrooms and outdoor spaces, outdoor play and protocols for the use of school transport.

These protocols are subject to updates and changes depending on the measures set by the competent authorities. For this reason, we suggest that you periodically review the safety protocols on our website.