A Miss Porter’s call for action: International Seminar on COVID-19

The three girls of 3º ESO, we have had the opportunity to attend a video seminar conference about the Coronavirus with Miss Porter’s School for women. In these talks we been able to communicate with teenage girls from all over the world, having the opportunity to know the current situations in their countries.

When we were given the opportunity of attending this seminar, we did not hesitate to participate, as it was a huge privilege. What motivated us to attend the conferences was to be able to communicate with women from all over the world and to know that we can contribute to society as women, also in this strange situation.

​In this seminar, new people came every week to talk to us and to inform us about the current situation of COVID-19. Most of the professionals who came to talk to us were women, and they were all experts in different aspects. One of the speakers, was a woman who came from the UN, another one lived in Africa and helped in hospitals, there was also one who was a doctor, etc…

To be able to go deeper and participate, we were separated into small groups of about five people to discuss and comment on what we had learned and seen in that session. In the last two sessions, we did a project in which we were separated into groups so that we could debate a current problem that is affecting society due to the coronavirus and sort it out. This project was useful to learn possible was of solving real problems and was extremely interesting.

This experience has been unique for us, because don’t only have we learned a lot about the coronavirus, but also, we have had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful girls from different parts of the world, with whom we still have contact. We would repeat this experience again as we have taken many things from it, such as learning in different ways about the pandemic in which we are living. It has also helped us to learn about the current situation in other countries and how they are taking it forward. It has enabled us to know other people and their ideas and experiences that has helped us to handled better this situation.

María Cutillas, Sylvia López and Manuela Samaniego.