What does ‘health’ mean?


According to WHO (World Health Organization), ‘health’ is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. During the past few months, there has been a growth in the importance of hygiene and health, focusing on how to prevent the COVID-19 spread. As a result, there has been a raise in the need of health awareness and education, as well as health promotion and illness prevention. This should be handled not only at school but in all community sectors. This is an interdisciplinary task in which all available sources and spaces should be part of such as schools, families, city halls, health centres and the whole society in general.

In SEK-Les Alpes, we have always considered health education as essential, not only because of the numerous hours of physical education we include in our curriculum, but also because of other programmes. For example, Healthy School workshop in which we include themes such as healthy food, emotional balance and first aid. With the purpose of continuing our work on those topics, although this trimester we are away from our wonderful school, we have the opportunity to collaborate with David Díaz. He will be with us as part of his teacher training course (Máster Universitario en Salud Escolar, University Camilo José Cela) to keep emphasising and working with students on such a fundamental pillar that has always characterised us.


For his teacher training course, David has designed activities and short lectures, specially, for SEK-Les Alpes students, through which he will work three main areas focusing on health promotion. The first one addresses health education, where students will work on how to achieve a healthy diet. With the information given in the presentation and after analising studies’ weekly habits, he will propose them ideas to design a healthy menu. The second area will be physical education, in which there will be sport challenges divided in different levels so the students can track and see their training progress. The final part will have the aim of combining strategies to prevent accidents and the use of first aid techniques.


This complete programme is suitable for all audiences, will you dare to test yourself?