The art of conversation in English

During the 1st and the 2nd term of this present academic year, we have had individual 1-to-1 sessions as well as in pairs, 20-minute conversations in English, with the support of English teaching assistants (TAs). After returning to Spain, we have continued working in the same way we used to. In those sessions, we have been practising grammar, debating issues proposed by students and by teachers and TAs, writing poetry… Those moments are a good opportunity to put into practice what we have learnt. They are also a relaxed time in which we enjoy by practising English.

Our TA Jonah Manley shared, on all TAs behalf, what all of them are doing in those sessions:

“Our focus this term has been on practicing grammatical structures and widening our range of speaking topics in preparation for the CAE and FCE exams / mock exams. Holly and I have been quite fortunate in that our tutoring roles have been far less effected than other areas of the school. We are still able to see every student every week and we are still able to work in pairs or even in groups for the speaking practice. The students are well-focussed and appear to be keen to use their time with us effectively. We enjoy this time and look forward to the rest of the term working with everyone!”

We leave you some photos to see what we refer to: