SEK-Atlántico and SEK-Les Alpes challenge their students

These previous months have been a big challenge for Education due to the acceleration suffered in the process of its digital transformation. This made us to become more creative, flexible and reflective upon methodologies and time optimization. The most remarkable point has stood out to be collaboration and getting closer to others.

Because of this, during the month of May, we carried out a common project in collaboration with SEK-Atlántico. In Mathematics for MYP 4, students worked in teams triangulating images that inspired them and, at the same time, they were launching challenging the rest of classmates.

Looking around, we can find triangles in most everyday objects and in structures such as bridges and towers. They are widely used as hey provide great rigidity and cannot be easily deformed. A triangle willalways be a triangle indepedently of a how much force is applied.




The main objective of this activity was, through a small competition, to work on some fundamental aspects of Geometry and Trigonometry such as Pythagoras’s Theorem of Tales, trigonometric ratios and the Height Theorem. Other objective was to collaborate as Science grows thanks to cooperation, learning and reinforcing such a lesson is always essential to develop a project, even when you work with people you barely know.