We find the values ​​of sport in video games

Since last April, our SEK-Les Alpes students can voluntarily participate in E-Sports classes as an after-school activity. But what is E-Sport? How is this activity to be understood? Is it an activity only for video games?

The E-Sports are a set of video games that are played professionally in championships very similar to what can be the most traditional sports tournaments. This activity is not just another game between friends, in these classes the coach works with the students on construction, aiming and editing the game; skills such as knowledge of the game, layout of the map and terrain, decision making are also worked. Much attention is also paid to aspects beyond the game such as communication, respect and positivism.

Specifically, our students are playing Fortnite. We like this activity, because it fosters team spirit and a feeling of belonging to a group. In this way, we maintain the family spirit that has always characterized our school.

Watch the video: