SEK launches its 2020/21 parents’ workshops online

The SEK parents’ workshops have recommenced online for the 2020/21 school year, as they finished in the previous school year due to the lockdown brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. On this occasion, teachers from University Camilo José Cela will hold five workshops before the end of the year, tackling different topics of interest to the SEK International Schools educational community.

One of these areas will be focused on early childhood education, with workshops entitled ‘Positive discipline’, ‘Family living: family leisure activities’ or ‘Educating in responsibility: routines and limits’. These workshops are designed to support parents in educating their children at home, and helping them better understand what the most common behaviour in small children and offering them a series of guidelines to help make life at home easier.

In addition, other workshops will be held, such as ‘Managing our emotions in times of uncertainty’ or ‘Adaptation of minors to the new situation’, which will help students’ families to deal with the context of the so-called “new normal”, in which the world population has had to adopt new routines to safeguard their health. These conferences will be similar to the Wellness Classroom webinars, which were created to offer psychological and emotional support to the entire SEK Educational Community during lockdown.

Collaborative and transversal learning between SEK International Schools and UCJC

These workshops for families are the result of the synergies between SEK International Schools and University Camilo José Cela and aims to offer answers to the concerns and doubts that may arise in families in relation to behaviour and habits of children and young people, as well as offering answers to more specific questions related to the school and family environment.

Aware of the importance of collaborative learning in all educational stages, SEK Education Group promotes interdisciplinary projects that foster adaptive learning models for the entire Educational Community, which adapt university teaching and research and bring it closer to social needs.

Parents Workshop Calendar – 1st Term 20-21