SEK-Les Alpes has the best services for pupils and families:

The school has its own kitchen, thus ensuring a catering service that guarantees quality and hygiene. It caters for the every dietary need that a pupil might have (families are informed of the menus).

A weekly laundry service.

A transport service to take pupils to wherever they need to go, airport transfers or weekly journeys to carry out the various programmed activities. Trips for personal reasons are not included.

Medical assistance. Pupils should apply for a European Health Insurance Card in any office of the National Social Security Institute, in order to enjoy its benefits during their stay in France. Pupils are protected against all risks by an insurance policy, with wide coverage, from a well respected company, to which the School subscribes.


Communication channel via the internet. Allows families and schools to share information produced daily at the centre.

WebAPPS for Families

Tools to facilitate collaboration between families and the school:

Collaboration tools for teachers and SEK professionals:

  • Webapps-Webmail    
  • MySEK
  • Service management
  • Yammer     
  • Colabora   


SEK-Les Alpes actively participates in the Ecosek Environmental Project, for the saving and recycling of paper and protection of the environment.